After months of speculation on an actual date, multiple sources have linked Apple to a September 10th launch date for the new iPhone. While nothing has been made official just yet, this date lines up with launches in the past, and since it is being confirmed by multiple sources, it appears as though the wait for the iPhone 5s is over.

While the launch of the iPhone 5s is certainly much anticipated, many people are also waiting to see just how the new low end iPhone will look like. Going by the name “iPhone 5c”, the phone will be geared towards those people looking to stay on budget and enjoy the Apple experience without having to pay a large subsidized or unsubsidized fee. This phone figures to play a major role in Apple growing in countries such as China as well.

Although Apple has continued to stay relatively mum on all of the new features for their flagship phone, leaks and confirmations from third parties have already stated that the iPhone 5s will feature several under the hood upgrades. As far as cosmetic changes, the only major one will be a slight tweak with the home button. All in all, the iPhone 5s will follow the lead of the 3s and 4s in the past: no major changes, but upgrades to help with performance and keep things relatively fresh.

With the announcement planned for September 10th, most people expect the new releases to hit the store by the end of September. All options should be available for preorder right after the official announcement, unless Apple has something up their sleeves that they are currently keeping a secret. While announcements for upgrades to the iPad, Macs and Macbook Pros are also expected sometime in the near future, most seem to agree that nothing will be announced regarding those products on September 10th.