Right on schedule with many predictions from analysts, Apple is set to reveal their new iPad lineup at a special event hosted by the company October 22nd. The event with focus on the fifth-generation iPad and the second-generation iPad Mini, while they will also touch on the Mac Pro OS X Mavericks.

Shortly after the last releases for the iPad and iPad Mini, many consumers were looking forward to possibly progressions in the future. The iPad Mini immediately had success, but many were dissatisfied with the sharpness of the screen. While it has not been confirmed yet, many analysts believe that this version will have a Retina display similar to the iPad.

Other improvements for the new releases will include an upgrade to a 64-bit A7 chip, an 8-megapixel camera and design changes to make both devices easier to hold. The iPad will get a bigger redesign, as it will be shaped much like the Mini in the future.

With the release of iOS 7 last month, both iPad will ship with the new operating system. One of the features that has not been confirmed or denied is the fingerprint ID technology that is used on the iPhone 5S. This feature has been almost universally praised, so Apple has to at least be trying to get it in for the iPad releases as well.

One product line that is not getting an update at this event is the MacBook Pro. Many thought that the company would upgrade their laptops at this time, but the focus really seems to only be on the iPads. Apple could very well hold another event in the near future to give people an upgrade for mobile computing.

Finally, rumors are that the second-generation iPad Mini might not be ready for a full release until 2014 due to a shortage of components. This could make it one of the most sought after items during the holiday season.