Apple officially released their highest capacity iPad ever this week, giving shoppers the option to purchase a 128 iPad 4th generation. With applications, songs, videos and other items taking up more space than ever, power iPad users are looking at this latest offering as the best option yet.

The new model will carry a $100 price increase over the 64 GB model, meaning that the Wifi option will will check in at $799, while the Wifi + Cellular models will be $929. It is unclear at this time just what type of demand the most expensive iPad on the market will have surrounding it, but the announcement also makes a few other things clearer.

For starters, while cloud services continue to grow in popularity, people still seem to prefer carrying all of their applications, videos, songs and more on their device. This makes sense for those who are sometimes in locations where internet access is not the strongest. Also, while there are many low cost and even free cloud services to try, it is still an added monthly expense that people seem to not want to have to deal with.

The other thing that should be more clear now with the announcement is that the rumored iPad 5 will more than likely not be announced for the Spring of 2013. There was growing situation that the iPad would receive another bump in specifications as soon as March, but it would seem weird for Apple to update the iPad 4 in February only to release a new model in March. While an iPad 5 is without a doubt on the way sometime in 2013, the more likely scenario will be that it will not release until sometime in the fall.

While most iPad users might be end up passing on the 128 GB model right now, this could be part of the future for Apple as well. Instead of offering iPads in 16, 32 and 64 GB options, they might drop the 16 GB all together in future models and add on the 128 GB instead. For power users, the new iPad will provide the most bang for your buck if you wish to keep a ton of content on your iPad at all times.