It was a busy day at the Apple Headquarters on Tuesday, as the company launches a variety of new products, highlighted by the brand new iPad Mini. While numerous websites (including this one) already knew that was going to be launched, many didn’t realize that the company would also release a 4th generation iPad, plus a new Macbook Pro, iMac and Mac Mini option.

First, let’s take a look at the iPad Mini. The rumor websites pretty much had everything right with this new device, from the size (7.9 inch) to the starting price ($329 for a 16 GB Wifi). The purpose of this device is to fit in the niche of the ebook readers that have populated the market.

Apple has made them available for pre-order, and they should begin arriving at doorsteps at the beginning of November. The company will offer a 16GB, 32GB and 64GB in both Wifi and Wifi+Cellular models. Color options, like the iPad, are simply white or black.

The big brother of the iPad Mini, the iPad, also got a bump in specifications Tuesday. Just seven months after the release of the iPad 3, the biggest changes are the new A6X chip and the new lightning connector that are being implemented in all of the iOS products.

Initially, the news of the new iPad was met with a bit of mixed reactions from consumers. Mainly, people were upset that the 3rd generation iPad had such a short lifespan. Customers who have owned the previous model for less than 30 days are able to go in and return the product for the newest release with no penalty.

Finally, on the non-iOS side of things, Apple released upgrades for the iMac and the Macbook Pro. The iMac received slight upgrades, mostly under the hood, to make it a top choice amongst desktops. Meanwhile, the 13″ Macbook Pro officially received the retina display, making the resolution on the screen twice as impressive as before.

At Shield Skins, the new form factor of the iPad Mini will be in need of protection much like other mobile devices currently on the market. The convenient size of the device will encourage people who buy one to take it everywhere they go. Those familiar with Shield Skin solutions for the various iPhone models should expect similar style and performance for the iPad Mini.