The Apple iPod 7th Generation is the music player for those who have a very large collection of music files.  To put it simple, it has a large hard drive for a music player. There are models now that have 160 GB for your files.   The Apple iPod Classic can also act as a flash disk to copy, store and erase data.  The advantage of the Apple iPod Classic 7th Generation as compared to the normal flash disk is that it will not wear down after some time with you erasing and copying files frequently.

In terms of battery life, your music or multimedia experience can last to about 36 hours of nonstop play.

Apple iPod Classic:Features of Apple iPod Classic

The interface of the Apple iPod Classic 7th Generation is very simple and direct to the point.  You do not have to be so techie to operate the device.  You can control the device with a wheel button that can move you up and down the list of files that you have stored in the device.  Once you have chosen a file from the list, all you have to do is to push the center button that will then play the music file that you have chosen.  You can play, pause, forward or rewind your tracks or videos with corresponding buttons marked with familiar icons that you normally see in video players.  The Apple iPod Classic 7th Generation can support common music and video files for your convenience and it can easily be synched with iTunes through your laptop or PC.

There are however some noted cons that this Apple iPod Classic has.  The color for one is not that fashionable.  Also, this is the only Apple iPod Classic with a moving part hard drive so you need to protect it from falls or else it will break.   The charging time can take up to 4 hours to fully charge the device. There is no FM radio, no Wi-Fi and the screen has not changed in size for the last six years.  Another flaw is its metallic back.  It is prone to scratches.  This issue however with scratches and anti slip issues can be solved by protecting the device with a shield skins film.  This is a protective device so thin yet so durable that it will make the device look like new all the time.  It will also make the device that it protects scratch proof and will also add up to its being less slippery.

Like any other device, the Apple iPod Classic 7th Generation will outlast its shortcomings with scratches and smudges if it’s protected with the proper body protector such as a shield skins film.