After being relatively quiet for most of the first half of 2013, it appears as though Apple is starting to gear up for its fall rush of new products. Leading the way will be the new iPhone, which as of right now is referred to as the iPhone 5s. Other updates that many are predicting include a new iPad, a new MacBook Pro and the introduction of a low-cost iPhone.

Apple has always been very secretive about their upcoming products, so although one can safely assume these are all on the way, no one knows for sure what the features will be. For now, there are a lot of rumors, such as what specs the two iPhones will have, and whether or not a Retina Display will be added to the iPad Mini.

What is known so far is that all of the products coming up are expected to include at least a few new features, including a fingerprint sensor and an upgraded camera for the iPhone 5S, an iPad mini-style style of setup for the iPad and Haswell processors for the Macbook Pros. There could be a few surprises up the company’s sleeve as well, but for now most consumers are left playing the waiting game.

According to Apple’s CFO Pete Oppenheimer, the company will announce more specific details in October regarding what is on horizon. The wait might appear to be long for iPhone users looking to upgrade, but it appears as though the company will officially change their cycle to the fall instead of the summer like it was in the early stages. Expect all of the devices to be out in time for the holiday rush, with perhaps at least a few hints dropped regarding future releases such as a new iPad Mini and the upcoming iWatch that Apple has planned as the next device.