This week, Apple announced several new pieces of hardware, including two options for tablets. The iPad Air (the new name for the larger iPad) and the iPad Mini both received significant upgrades just in time for the holiday season.

The iPad with the larger screen has received a design overhaul, resembling the iPad Mini. This allows Apple to make the table smaller and lighter than ever before, without having to cut any corner technology wise. Speaking of technology, the biggest upgrade happens to be the 64-bit A7 processor. This will allow the iPad Air to provide twice the CPU and graphics performance compared to the previous version.

While the upgrade for the big iPad was impressive, the iPad Mini was the more anticipated model. The second version of the tablet with a 7″ screen has the Retina display, which was arguably the most requested feature from consumers. The iPad Mini is now slightly bulkier due to the technology, but Apple is quick to point out that it still weighs around 3/4 of a pound for Wifi and Cellular models.

With the announcement, the next step is ordering these new devices. However, one problem that already seems to be coming up is availability. Apple announced that the iPad Air would launch on November 1st, but it refrained from giving a specific date for the iPad Mini. There are a lot of rumors about availability with the Minis, and with the holiday season about to get underway, there could be a shortage that lasts all the way until next spring.

Along with the iPad announcements, Apple also upgraded their Macbook Pro line and released the new Mavericks operating system. This appears to be Apple’s last major event for 2013, as the company prepares for the busiest time of the year. The iPad Air will start at $499, the iPad Mini at $399 and the old iPad Mini will continue to be sold at $299 for those looking for a more affordable option.