Students who are fans of Apple products, whether it be their laptops, tables or phones, can now take advantage of a new promotion for the rest of the summer. Effective from now until September 6th, those who qualify for the educational discount will also receive either a $50 or $100 app store gift card.

For the most part, current generation Apple products rarely go on sale. While those who work in education are always eligible for special pricing, the company only offers the gift card promotion during the summer months.

Eligibility for all products can be found here: For the most part, laptops and desktops will be eligible for the $100 gift card. All iPhone and iPad models will receive just a $50 gift card. A person only needs to show some type of identification in stores to be eligible for the special.

This promotion is nothing new for Apple, as they have done a Back to School promotion of some sort for the last several years. In the earlier days, they offered a free iPod Touch to help grow the popularity of that device. The last few years, the switch has been made to a gift card. While many people end up using the gift card as it is intended, some opt to sell it off online or in other ways, thus making it a true discount.

Those wishing to take advantage of the discount can do so both online and in stores. There is no mail-in rebate or anything of the sort to handle. Everything is processed and done right away, meaning a person can use their gift card as soon as they arrive home with their new Apple product.