Surely, every avid gamer on this planet has his/her own taste of Call of Duty. And no doubt that most gamers would find the game intriguing at first, gripping at second, and exciting at the end. Wonder why exciting was last? Well let’s just say millions of gamers all around the world are extremely eager to get their hands on a copy of the next installment of the most popular fps game in the world. With 6.5 million copies sold in the first 24 hours in U.S and U.K, and after 2 years of waiting since Modern Warfare 2, finally here comes World War 3 with Modern Warfare 3.

MW3 features a grand unique plot, the grandest ever and perhaps the grandest of them all that none can surpass until after the turn of the next great war; a plot that no other fps game has even dared to imagine before – World War 3. Previous modern warfare installments explain the development of the general story. MW1 focused more on the historical aspect of the game’s story, and MW2 showed how a war on a global scale happened. Now MW3 is left to tie the loose ends and portray the death, destruction, and heroics brought by war; COD never failed to fascinate me.

MW3 runs on a new engine also dubbed as MW3, but the real name of the game engine is IW5. Unfortunately, the new engine does not bring any perks that would improve graphics or game interface. It does, however, improve graphics efficiency and allow for larger game environments – which is technically and absolutely needed if the game is to portray a global conflict.

Personally I’d say that MW3 still lacks the graphics and interface that makes its arch-rival Battlefield as a formidable opponent. I mean when you play the latter you’d really feel being in battle, while MW3 is still locked up with the notion wherein the physical aspect of gaming is not perfectly blended with the visual aspect.

Although I have yet to play Battlefield’s latest installation which is Battlefield 3, I’d say that MW3 has several features that are definitely 5-star on my list. For one Modern Warfare 3 still has all that gloss with graphics without losing its edge with the most important gaming element of them all, the plot. Modern Warfare 3’s plot is definitely the best that I have undergone so far. Though I kinda’ hate the ending because of what I perceive as an over simplistic episode. I mean, oh come on how many games have had an ending with the villain on the chopper and the protagonist racing to get a hold of the chopper. But I guess I couldn’t think of a better action sequence for the ending, just that it would have been better if Activision surprised us a bit. MW3’s plot revolves around the ever favorite Captain Price, Sgt. Derek “Frost” Westbrook of the Delta Force, and Yuri who is one of Nikolai’s agents. These three characters would give the gamer a 360 degrees view of the world when it is at war. Captain Price would show the progress of the story with the usual covert style of operations; Sgt. Westbrook’s character would give you the taste of world war 3 ground battles; and Yuri would give you the missing details of the entire story such as how Makarov was associated with Zakhaev.

Another good thing about MW3 is that it maintained COD’s tradition of sticking with the real story instead of giving in to fanfare. I mean the best example would be ghost who was a very popular character – even up until now, the game developers of Modern Warfare never hesitated to have him killed in MW2 when it was time. This time around a major character would die, but I leave that to you to find out who it is.

Everyone would agree that portraying total war on a global scale is very difficult, and I’d say MW3 was not perfect when it came to portraying World War 3. But no other game has taken up such challenge so far, and this was quite a very impressive release of COD. I personally love the slow motion parts when rescuing hostages, one of COD’s trademarks that and it has become a classic fps game favorite scene.

As a gamer it’s actually my lifetime wish that Activision and EA would merge to create the perfect fps game; combine COD’s plot to Battlefield’s game engine, and it’s definitely a “killer” game – if you know what I mean. But for the moment, better grab a copy of MW3 now or you’ll miss the very wonderful gaming experience World War 3 brings.