Amazon Kindle 2 is an electronic reader which was developed and released by Inc in 2010.  This kindle helps the user to shop, download books, newspapers and magazines in digital formats.


This kindle is taller in size which is 6 inch, 800X600 pixel with QWERTY keyboard. The capacity of this kindle is 4 GB which can hold upto 3500 books. Unlike the computer screen, this kindle will not affect you eyes, hence the users can read for a long time.


This kindle runs in Android 2.3 OS along with 3G technology to connect to the Amazon Whispernet in order to browse the internet. The web experience on the kindle is expected to have an advantage in terms of speed and performance.


The graphics on the kindle are in grayscale with LCD-based backlight system. There are various features like Bookmarking, highlighting and searching, facilities.  Batterylife of this kindle is last for 8 hours. There is wide choice of apps available through the Apple Appstore which is an big advantage for this reader.


One can find a lot more features over the internet, if you are a book lover, then go for Amazon Kindle 2 which is amazing and worthy.