After months of demand from customers, Amazon finally was able to get their Instant Video Application pushed through on iTunes. The free app allows people to stream videos from Amazon, whether that be paid rentals or free videos via Amazon Prime.

The move is the latest in Amazon’s attempt to be a major player in the video streaming service. They have seemingly been a step behind Netflix with that aspect of things, but they can fall back on the other things that come with a Prime membership (free two-day shipping, Kindle rentals, etc.). So how does the instant streaming app stack up against the likes Netflix and Apple’s own iTunes service?

For starters, it is pretty remarkable that this application was even allowed by Apple. Amazon has shown that they wish to compete directly with Apple in many ways. From their popular Kindles to their own video rentals, it seemed as though Apple would never allow this application to be approved to be used on iPhones, iPads and more.

Amazon Prime members already know all about the service, and it works just like it does on a computer or gaming system. Once a person logs into their account, their cue of videos to watch are there as well as a simple search feature.

The one crippling problem with Amazon Instant Video right now is that video streaming is only allowed when connected to wifi. While that might save some people from accidentally using too much data in a month, many people will look at Netflix as still having a distinctive edge.

With Amazon Instant Video now available for iOS, it shows that the company is ready to push the envelope as much as possible with the service. Their next step is to continually build upon the library to close the gap between them and its main competitor. If they can then get approved to allow streaming while using data, the debate can continue to swing in Amazon’s favor as the best value for cheap streaming television and movie plans.