Facebook rolled out a new layer for Android-based phones recently, named Facebook Home. After taking a few days to look at how it works, here is a brief overview and review of the option.

As one would expect, Facebook Home helps to integrate everything on a person’ phone with their Facebook account. This can be a good or bad thing, depending on how much a person uses the social media website in general.

Those who are heavily into Facebook chat will instantly find it much easier to keep in contact and quickly send messages. The layer uses a system called “chat heads,” which allows a user to read and respond to messages without closing other applications. In the past, a person would have to be using a Facebook application in order to send a message.

Another additional feature is the enhanced home screen on any phone. A person can view any alerts from the applications installed on their phone in a manner similar to Facebook. This obviously saves time, as a person is no longer forced to slide open their phone and open an application each time.

As promising as the layer appears on paper, so far the reviews have been generally negative. However, a few things could be helping bring down the average customer rating. For starters, any launch of a new product is going to have bugs and issues with it. The Facebook Home layer is a work in progress, not a finished product. Another reason for the negative views is simply the fact that people dislike change. This is a new way to use a phone, with several innovative features that could take some time to get used to. Once a person is able to, it might just end up working.

Facebook Home is currently for Android devices only. The plan in the future is to be integrated on all platforms. They continue to try and work something out with Apple to get on the iPhone. For now, Apple customers simply have to settle with a redesigned Facebook application.