When Apple released their new iOS 6 to go along with the launch of the iPhone 5, many users were excited to see the changes made. One of the biggest new features was the revamped map app, as Apple replaced the standard Google Maps with their own in-house production. Unfortunately, since the release, the feedback from customers has been overall negative.

First, let’s take a look at the positives for Apple’s new map app. For the first time ever, an iPhone can provide voice navigation right out of the box. No additional applications or other services are needed to have a voice act as a navigator as a person goes around town. Also included for the first time ever are 3D views and flyover features. Touring major cities is a cool thing to do when bored, but as far as practical use, the flyover feature does not really provide much.

With all the new bells and whistles, what Apple quickly found out right after launch is that perhaps their map app was not quite ready for prime time. Almost instantly, there were several complaints all over the internet and social media in regards to poor directions, missing city information and more. Apple took on a huge task building their own map app from the ground up. There were bound to be some issues. However, Apple touted their new map app as being bigger and better than the previous Google App. There is always going to be backlash from people who prefer the old application, but missing areas and poor directions in major areas can’t be acceptable for a company that prides itself on being a cut above the rest.

For now, Apple is aware of the problems and slight outrage that many customers have towards their new map app. No, it is not going to be replaced, but Apple has ensured customers that they are working on improvements around the clock to fix as many issues as possible. What this whole experience can teach customers is that the first release of a huge project like this is going to take some tweaks to get it right. Yes, even Apple is vulnerable to this.