The Apple iPhone 4 is the best thing that ever happened in the history of the iPhone since the unmasking of the iPhone itself.  There are a lot of improvements and firsts that Apple iPhone 4 carries under its hood and this is why this magnificent gadget should be well protected by   a shield skin protector.

Before we go into the reasons why we need to protect the Apple iPhone 4 let us understand first the marvel behind the shield skins protector. Shield skins were originally used by the military as protectors for the edges of helicopter rotor blades against debris and other things.  This material is so thin that it appears to be invisible and the good thing about a shield skin protector is that it has a healing capacity in a sense that the scratches and smudges will disappear through time.

With this in mind and with a gadget as super cool as the Apple iPhone 4 there is no doubt that this should be the best protector for your gadget in the market today.


iPhone 4 : If the facts are not enough, here are some reasons why you should settle for a shield skins protector for your Apple iPhone 4.

  1.  The FaceTime Functionality – This is the Apple iPhone 4’s pioneering breakthrough in connection to video calls.  For decades, people have just dreamed of real time video calls to happen then finally the iPhone 4 came into the picture and made it real.  This function is ideal for iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 users and iPod Touch through Wi-Fi connectivity.  A shield skins protector will come in handy here as video calls may get too exciting and your iPhone might be passed around to different users.  With a shield skins protector on your gadget it is going to be a worry free experience.
  2.  Multitasking – The Apple iPhone 4 has improved its capacity on multitasking.  With this new phone you can do a whole lot of multitasking without slowing down it down.  Multitasking involves more swipes and slides on the screen so a shield skin protector will come in very handy.
  3.  HD Picture, Video Recording and Editing – The Apple iPhone 4 comes with an advanced backside illuminating sensor and a built-in LED light which are the main components for capturing high definition videos even in low light situations.  Editing will be a breeze with the iPhone application called the iMovie sold separately.   The Apple iPhone 4’s 5 megapixel camera also produces enhanced and crisp pictures right at the palm of your hand.

All in all, the Apple iPhone 4 stands out as one of the most sought after phones in the market.  There should be enough reasons why a shield skin protector should be paired up with this device for a long lasting and superb technological experience.