Sony PSP is a gaming console that was released in September 2007 by Sony Computer Entertainment Company. Now that, this Sony PSP has become one of the hottest handheld gaming systems of the world.

One can find hundreds of games for Sony PSP from various websites. Here are few video games which I think are the best out of them, they are as follows:

Sony PSP: Sony PSP’s top most video games

1). Ratchet and Clank Entertainment Pack (Sliver) – This is a wildly popular Sony PSP game for beginners and a multiplayer game which is perfect for those who love gaming.
2). Monster Hunter Series – It consist of two series (Monster Hunter United & Monster Hunter Freedom) which is the best multiplayer Sony PSP video game that could be upgraded.
3). God of War Chains of Olympus – This is a multiplayer epic game, which is mesmerizing, brutal for people who like action.
4). Metal Gear Solid – It is an online multiplayer Sony PSP games which has lot of action features like shooting.
5). Crisis Core – This is an RPG game, which is tasked to find the missing soldiers of Shinra Company.
6). Little Big Planet – It is a handmade aesthetic games, which is a side-scrolling platform, where the player can leap across games and hops on the heads of opponents.
7). Star Wars: The Force Unleashed – It is a Playstation version, where the player plays the role of Darth Vader’s Apprentice and battles aggressive enemies by increasing their force.
8). Medal of Honors II – It is an online multiplayer shooting Sony PSP game which is based on the Second World War and is much like the Call of Duty game.
9). Star Ocean: First Departure – It is an RPG science fiction game where the player will find the reason why people are becoming stones and find the way to save them.
10). LEGO Batman – It is a quirky and funny game where the player takes the role of Batman, Robin and villains.

These above said games are definitely the best Sony PSP games to my opinion. There are several sites where you can download these games for free, yet be careful while downloading as these sites may put spy-ware or virus on you PSP.